Electric Vehicle Common Use Policy

Jupiter Harbour Condominium Association, Inc.

Electric Vehicle Common Usage Policy


We are pleased to announce a new amenity for Jupiter Harbour Condominiums: an electric vehicle (EV) charging station.

One SemaConnect 620 level 2 dual-port commercial charging station is installed in the non-reserved parking area next to the Bahama Maintenance building.

  • SemaConnect is a leader in the commercial smart EV charging space with over 11 years’ experience and 11,000 stations installed throughout the country.  SemaConnect was purchased by Blink.
  • Placement of the dual charging station will make it possible to add a second dual-port charging station in adjacent parking spaces once the Association sees increased demand.
  • The parking spaces with access to the community charging station will be available to members only for plug-in charging only.
  • New signage including sign that reads “ELECTRIC VEHICLE PARKING - ONLY WHILE CHARGING”, and an EV pavement stencil that reads “Electric Vehicle Charging Only” with a decal showing EV and cord wrap will be applied to the parking spaces and a motion sensor light will be installed.


General Rules                                                         

  1. Vehicle parking in EV spaces are only for Electric vehicles that are charging. No internal combustion engine vehicles.
  2. EV charging stations are for use by Condominium Association Members only.
  3. Vehicles may not be parked in the EV Spaces unless they are actively charging.
  4. Any damage to the EV charging stations, parking space or related equipment will be billed to the responsible party and/or condominium unit.
  5. Rules are subject to change.
  6. Members must provide all information required by Blink and the Condominium Association to have access to the systems. EV Owners should obtain the Blink Charger app at either Apple Play or Google Play and click Register your account. Fill out the required information, make sure you check the button to agree to Blink’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  Once your account has been completed, Owners must complete and submit their application fee of $50 to be added to the Condominium Association approved list of users.



  • An initial one-time charge of $50 must accompany the Condominium application to use the Blink System in Jupiter Harbour Condominium.
  • Charging costs per charging session
    • The first ten hours of plug-in time is charged at a cost of $2.00 per hour.
    • After ten hours, a fee of $20.00 per hour is charged.