Emergency Numbers

Problem Area Company Name Contact
Telephone #
 Building Alarm

 Monitoring Station

  Knight Fire & Security   Office  561-471-8221

  Advanced Electric   Office  561-459-6129

  Delaware Elevator - Emergency #   Office  800-787-0436

 Guard Gate

  Jupiter Harbour POA   Gate Office  561-746-2557
 Maintenance Issue

  Jorge Perez    561-254-2064

  Jupiter Plumbing   Office  561-746-4038

  561-746-6201   Jupiter Police

  Clear Pools   Office   561-747-8501
 Roofing leaks

  Contact Property Manager    


  • Alarm - Call only if Fire emergency exists.
  • Elevator - call only if Elevator is stuck between floors with passengers involved. Otherwise leave a message on the associations answering machine.
  • Guard Gate - The Guard cannot leave their post, but are instructed to call the Police or Emergency services if a serious problem exits.
  • Plumbing - First turn off water to condominium unit, then call Plumber and explain problem
  • Roof - Call only if you are experiencing roof leaks. Do not call for information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unit Owners are responsible for the expense of the sub-contractor if the call is not an emergency or it is determined that the problem was the unit owners responsibility.